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Arsenal 2 Getting Started with Crowd Control
Arsenal 2 Getting Started with Crowd Control

Crowd control, remove moving objects and people from shots

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Crowd Control

In some locations, there will always be someone in your photo. By combining multiple shots, Arsenal 2’s Crowd Control feature can automatically remove people and other moving objects from your photos.

Sometimes capturing a composition without people in your frame can be near impossible, especially at busy tourist attractions. Arsenal 2’s new Crowd Control feature takes care of this problem by allowing you to capture a series of photos of your composition and merge them together to remove moving objects (like people) from your scene.

Crowd Control relies on moving objects having more variance than the background to eliminate moving objects from scenes. To remove objects, the background must be visible in at least 25% of the photos. Crowd Control lets you preview the final shot as shots are taken so you can press stop once everything is eliminated. However if the background isn’t visible enough in a certain area (for example someone never moves to reveal the background), Crowd Control will not be able to remove that object.

To begin your first Crowd Control shot, navigate to either the Smart or Manual screen within the Arsenal 2 app. If you want Arsenal 2 to choose all of the settings, use Smart Mode, or if you prefer to control the ISO, aperture, shutter speed, or EV use the Manual screen.

  1. Tap the Stacking Modes icon to the left of the shutter button.

2. Select the far left icon for Crowd Control.

3. Set the time interval you would like between each shot for the stack.

4. Swipe down on the Stacking Menu when done to return to the main screen.

5. Trigger the Shot

Press the trigger button to start the stacking process. Arsenal 2 will bring up a Realtime Preview and display it in place of the Live View. This preview continuously updates with each new shot so you know when your stack is complete. To see your camera’s current Live View again you can tap “HIDE” next to Realtime Preview. You can bring the Realtime Preview up again by tapping “SHOW.”

When your preview looks good and you’re finished, tap the trigger button again to end the stacking process. Arsenal 2 will leave the preview displayed in place of the Live View until you press the “DISMISS” button just below the preview.

6. View and Share your Crowd Control

Once you’ve completed your stack, tap the thumbnail in the lower right corner to view the final stacked photo. To share or save the photo, tap the share icon and choose where you’d like to share or save the final photo. You can view the rest of the gallery images and the individual shots captured to create your stack by clicking on the Gallery icon in the upper right corner of this same image review screen.

To save your final stacked photos to your phone automatically, navigate to the Settings screen and click “MANAGE” under the PHOTO STORAGE section and select if you’d like to have Arsenal 2 automatically save all final stacked photos to your phone, Arsenal 2’s internal Micro SD card or both. You can also have Arsenal 2 save the individual images used to create the stack to your phone, Arsenal 2’s internal Micro SD card, or both.

Please note: we recommend checking your saving options prior to shooting to ensure your stacked photos are saved to the onboard Micro SD card and/or your phone, as the stacked photos that Arsenal 2 creates are only saved to the device in temp storage until you adjust your preferences in the settings menu.

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