The settings screen provides easy access to device information and advanced shooting options.

How It Works

The settings screen can be accessed from any shooting mode screen by tapping the gear icon in the upper left of the Arsenal 2 app.

To configure a setting, tap the radio button or switch next to the setting name. You can scroll down for additional settings.

To close the settings screen, tap the back arrow in the upper left.

Features and Capabilities


View the battery level of your Arsenal 2 and connected camera. If you own multiple Arsenal 2 devices, tap “Disconnect” to add a new Arsenal 2 or switch between devices.


Enable Night Assist Mode to switch from using Arsenal 2’s standard Live View to using preview shots to better see your night composition and focus on the stars.



Set a delay timer as low as 1 second up to 10 hours. Great for setting up your shot beforehand for self-portraits, family portraits, and Timelapses.


Choose to lock up your DSLR’s mirror to reduce vibrations for long exposure shots or when using a telephoto lens.

  • Off: Never lock up the mirror.

  • On: Lock up the mirror before each shot (excluding Handheld Mode). When Live View is disabled in the app, you can use this feature to lock up the mirror before each shot.


Tell Arsenal 2 to refocus on the selected focus point(s) before each shot is taken. This is useful if the camera or lens might change position between shots.

  • When disabled: Arsenal 2 will only focus your lens each time you set a focus point(s). Unless you select a new focus point, the focus will not be recalculated between shots.

  • When enabled: Arsenal 2 will refocus the lens to the point(s) selected before each shot.

Note: Not recommended for moving subjects



Overlay a grid on the live view image to assist with composition. Available grid settings are:

  • Off: No grid displayed

  • Rule of Thirds: Displays a rule of thirds grid

  • Golden Ratio: Displays a golden spiral

Note: This feature is currently only available on iOS


Highlight areas in your live view image that are in sharp focus. This is useful for confirming that the correct focus point has been selected, and to see if your shot has sufficient depth of field to get desired areas of the scene in focus.

Note: This feature is currently only available on iOS.


Highlight overexposed areas in your live view image with zebra patterning. This is useful for knowing whether a bright area in the scene is washed out or will still retain detail at the current exposure settings.

Note: This feature is currently only available on iOS.



Tapping the “CLEAR” button will clear the app’s gallery without deleting any photos from your camera memory card or Arsenal 2’s internal micro SD card.


Tap “MANAGE” to organize the types and formats of photos/videos you want Arsenal 2 to automatically save to its internal Micro SD and/or your phone. You have various format options within each shot category including JPGs, RAWs and stacked or processed DNG files. Within your phone, Arsenal 2 will create an “Arsenal” album and will automatically transfer new photos and videos while using the app.

  • Single Shot: transfers all single shot (non-stacked) images

  • Stacks Final Composite: transfers only the final composited stacked images that Arsenal 2 creates

  • Stacks Individual Photos: transfers only the single original images used to create the stack within Arsenal 2

  • Timelapses Final Video: transfers videos that are rendered by Arsenal 2

  • Timelapses Individual Photos: transfers all individual images that have been captured for the final timelapse

Click on any of the Deep Color options within each category to have Arsenal 2 save photos processed with Deep Color to your phone or Arsenal 2’s internal micro SD card.



Arsenal 2 works best when mounted on your camera’s hot shoe.

  • Mounted on camera: Enables vibration detection, live view orientation rotation, and the option to review photos in Handheld mode.

  • Handheld photo review gesture: Tip your camera down to review photos on the back of your camera. Cameras disable their screen while Arsenal 2 is managing settings. The photo review gesture will pause updates to allow review.


Dim or completely disable Arsenal 2’s blue LEDs to reduce ambient light, e.g. for nighttime shooting


View regulatory information and device certifications.


View the version number of the Arsenal 2 Remote app and the serial number of your Arsenal 2 device.

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