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Arsenal 1 Getting Started with a Slider for Timelapse
Arsenal 1 Getting Started with a Slider for Timelapse

Slider support for timelapse

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External Triggering (Slider support)

When you select the "Slider" option, Arsenal will wait for an external trigger. Once triggered, it will pull in the shot, add the frame to the video preview, and select/update settings for the next shot. This allows Arsenal to do Holy Grail transitions or compile a basic timelapse while your slider manages the interval.

To access this feature, move over to the Timelapse Mode, and click on Slider.

Attach your Slider or External Trigger into the trigger port on your camera.

Set your “Anticipated number of shots.”

Note: To start and stop the timelapse so that Arsenal can manage changes in exposure and generate a preview video, click on the shutter button through the app. All intervaled shots are triggered manually by you or by the Slider’s intervalometer.

Get ready to shoot with Arsenal

Set your camera to Manual Mode

Compose Your Shot

Move your camera and tripod to compose your shot. When getting started, we recommend placing a subject in the foreground so you can test Arsenal’s various features.

Tap to Focus

To select a focus point, simply tap on the Live View image. A target will show the point you selected, and turn green once focused.

Trigger the Shutter

Press the shutter release button at the bottom of the screen to start the timelapse. Starting the timelapse in the app allows Arsenal to make the appropriate exposure and setting adjustments as the light changes.

Start and stop your timelapse

To start your timelapse, tap the shutter button once. To stop the timelapse, tap the shutter button in the app again.

Share or Save your timelapse

Your finished timelapse will be available in the Arsenal gallery. Click on the thumbnail in the lower right-hand corner to access the gallery. Click on the image that shows a “clock movie icon” in the lower-left corner to view and share your created timelapse. Click the share button to save or share your video to social media. To save your timelapse to your phone automatically, navigate to the Settings screen and turn on the “Save to Phone” feature and select “Timelapses”.

Please note: The timelapse preview video that Arsenal creates is cached in temp storage and displayed in the Arsenal Gallery in the app. We recommend automatically saving the timelapse preview to your phone or sharing/saving the video from the Arsenal gallery once the video has been completed.

Check out this in-depth video for best shooting practices for timelapse with Arsenal!

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