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Arsenal 1 Getting Started on SmartLapse with Custom Intervals
Arsenal 1 Getting Started on SmartLapse with Custom Intervals

Control the timelapse interval, and number of shots, while taking advantage of Arsenal's auto-exposure model

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SmartLapse with custom intervals allows you to take advantage of Arsenal’s auto-exposure model while having control over the number of shots and the interval between them.

Get ready to shoot a SmartLapse with Custom Intervals

Before shooting, always make sure that:

  • The camera is powered on

  • The Arsenal is powered on

  • The camera is connected via USB cable to Arsenal’s left port (unless you have a Sony camera that connects via WiFi)

  • Camera is set to Manual Mode

Switch to the Timelapse screen

Open the Arsenal app and swipe the mode slider at the very bottom of the screen to Timelapse.

To access the Custom function for a SmartLapse click “Custom” to the right of the “SmartLapse” button.

Click on Fixed if your camera is stationary on your tripod.

Click on Slider if your camera is attached to a slider.

To use a Slider, plug your Slider into the trigger port on your camera.

External trigger port: Arsenal manages exposure and settings while your slider or pan/tilt rig triggers shots through your camera’s trigger port.

Set your number of “Anticipated number of shots.”

Set your timelapse interval

Adjust the Interval slider to set the amount of time between each shot. Generally speaking, a shorter interval is best when your scene is changing more quickly. A longer interval is useful when you want to capture a gradual change over a long period of time.

Set the number of shots

Adjust the Number of Shots slider to choose the total number of images in your timelapse.

Enable Live View

Tap the Live View icon in the upper right corner of the app. A live preview from your camera will appear on screen. While SmartLapse is shooting, you will see a preview of the timelapse in the live view screen. You can hit the play button to review the video.

Compose Your Shot

Place your camera and tripod to compose your shot. When getting started, we recommend having a subject in the foreground so you can test Arsenal’s various features.

Tap to Focus

To select a focus point, simply tap on the Live View image. A target will show the point you selected, and turn green once focused.

To switch focus modes, tap the square focus icon in the upper right corner.

Trigger the Shutter

Press the shutter release button at the bottom of the screen to take a photo. Arsenal will trigger your camera’s shutter from up to 100 feet away.

Start and stop your timelapse

To start your timelapse, tap the shutter button once. If you would like to stop the timelapse at any point you can click the trigger button again to pause or stop. You will be prompted with a warning “Are you sure you want to stop the timelapse?” and you can select “Keep Running” or “Stop”

Share or Save your “SmartLapse”

Your finished timelapse will be available in the Arsenal gallery. Click on the thumbnail in the lower right hand corner to access the gallery. Click on the image that shows a “clock movie icon” in the lower left corner to view and share your created “SmartLapse.” Click the share button to save or share your video to social media.

Note: The videos themselves will be available on Arsenal while their original photos remain on your memory card (once the images are removed from the card or the card is removed, the cache is cleared and the video will no longer appear).

Check out this in-depth video for best shooting practices for timelapse with Arsenal!

Are you using a Slider to shoot your timelapse? Arsenal offers this for many of our supported cameras. You can learn more here: Getting Started with a Slider for Timelapse

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