Focus Stacking

To begin, navigate to either the Smart or Manual screen within the Arsenal 2 app. If you want Arsenal 2 to choose all of the settings, use Smart Mode, or if you prefer to control the ISO, aperture, shutter speed, or EV use the Manual screen.

Tap the Stacking Modes icon to the left of the shutter button.

Select the middle icon for a Focus Stack.

Tap to Focus on the nearest point you want in focus.

Set the Number of Shots you would like for the Focus Stack.

Set the Focus Step Size (Step size equals the spacing between the focus points). For finer detail use smaller step sizes.

Trigger the Shot

Note: Depending on the step size between the focus points and the number of shots chosen, a message may appear recommending changing the number of shots. Dismiss the warning to continue or tap the icon with the stacking options to change the number of shots for the stack.

View and Share your Focus Stack

Once you’ve completed your stack, tap the thumbnail in the lower right corner to view the final stacked photo. To share or save the photo, tap the share icon and choose where you’d like to share or save the final photo. You can view the rest of the gallery images and the individual shots captured to create your stack by clicking on the Gallery icon in the upper right corner of this same image review screen.

To save your final stacked photos to your phone automatically, navigate to the Settings screen and click “MANAGE” under the PHOTO STORAGE section and select if you’d like to have Arsenal 2 automatically save all final stacked photos to your phone, Arsenal 2’s internal Micro SD card or both. You can also have Arsenal 2 save the individual images used to create the stack to your phone, Arsenal 2’s internal Micro SD card or both.

Please note: we recommend checking your saving options prior to shooting to ensure your stacked photos are saved to the onboard Micro SD card and/or your phone, as the stacked photos that Arsenal 2 creates are only saved to the device in temp storage until you adjust your preferences in the settings menu.

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