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What do the light patterns Arsenal's blue LED bar mean?

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Arsenal includes three LED indicators. This article explains what the light and patterns tell you about your device.

Green Power Indicator

The small green indicator on the top of your Arsenal illuminates when the device is powered on. It will remain on until the device is powered off.

Orange Charging Indicator

The small orange indicator on the top of your Arsenal illuminates when the device is charging. It will turn off when charging is complete.

Blue LED Bar

The blue LED indicator bar on Arsenal's side indicates several modes and settings using animated light patterns. These include:

Arsenal startup

When Arsenal is powered on, the blue bar will illuminate for several seconds then fill in from the edges to the center before going out:

Arsenal shutdown

When Arsenal is turned off, the bar will shrink from the edges to the center, then disappear:

Handheld Mode: Activated

When handheld mode is accessed, the bar will slowly fill in a scattered pattern, then blink twice:

Handheld Mode: Deactivated

When handheld mode is disabled, the bar will illuminate, blink twice, then gradually disappear in a scattered pattern:

Handheld Mode: On

When handheld mode is active, a single light in the middle of the blue LED bar will remain lit.

Handheld Mode: No Camera Detected

When you enter handheld mode and Arsenal does not see a camera connected over USB (or your camera's WiFi network, for Sony models that connect via WiFi), the blue bar will double-blink until a camera is connected or the device is powered off:

Installing Firmware/Recovery Mode

If the blue LEDs stay on and do not turn off, Arsenal is either installing a firmware update, or has gone into recovery mode. While installing, all blue LEDs will remain on until the process has completed.

Arsenal may enter recovery mode if it detects an error with its current firmware. If you believe your Arsenal device is in Recovery Mode (blue LED bar on for more than 30 minutes), follow the Recovery Mode instructions to restore your device.

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