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Arsenal 2 Timelapse Screen Overview
Arsenal 2 Timelapse Screen Overview

Timelapse overview

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Arsenal 2’s timelapse functions make it easy to capture a series of shots over a specified period of time. Arsenal 2 offers a number of options like SmartLapse, SmartLapse with Custom Intervals (Auto), Holy Grail, and full manual control in Basic Timelapse. 

How it works

Depending on which type of timelapse you’d like to run you will use the following radio buttons to make your selections. 


Arsenal 2's SmartLapse manages exposure settings, the number of shots, and the intervals between shots, all you have to do is set up the shot and trigger it to start & stop.

If you would like more advanced features and options click “Custom”

You will then be presented with the following options.

“Fixed” setting allows you to select the Interval and Number of Shots for your timelapse. 

Select “Slider” if you intend to use a timelapse slider. Use the slider to set your “Anticipated Number of Shots.” 

If you scroll down in the app you will see the more advanced options for the Holy Grail Timelapse and Basic Timelapse features. 

Holy Grail Timelapse

Holy Grail mode uses our auto-exposure model to adjust exposure settings within ranges and priorities you define.

Use the sliders to set the ranges for EV, Shutterspeed, Aperture, and ISO. Arsenal 2 will shoot the timelapse to stay within these ranges. 

On this screen, you can select “Prioritize” to drag and drop which items you would like Arsenal 2 to prioritize first. 

Basic Timelapse

This mode gives you full manual control of your EV, Shutterspeed, Aperture, and ISO settings while the timelapse is shooting.

Advanced Options

For all timelapse modes except Smartlapse, there are the following Advanced Options.

Keep mirror up between shots: Due to mechanical limitations of the camera, after the mirror has moved, the aperture doesn’t always return to the exact same diameter. This causes some flicker in timelapses. Keeping the mirror up during the timelapse prevents this flicker, but can use 2x to 3x more camera battery power. (DSLRs use power when holding the mirror up). Flicker can be corrected in post-production if you prefer not to use this option.

Shorten shutter to keep interval: When shutter speed, card write time, and photo processing time passes the selected interval, Arsenal 2 can decrease the shutter speed in Holy Grail to keep the interval from taking longer than selected.

Features and Capabilities

Live View

See a live preview of your timelapse wirelessly on your phone. 

Focus Control

Remotely focus your camera’s autofocus lens. Use the live view screen to tap to focus.

Run Time Calculation

See how long it will take to capture your timelapse based on your selected interval and number of shots.

Play Time Calculation

Know how long it will take to playback your finished timelapse at a frame rate of 24 frames per second.

Exposure Control

Set and adjust exposure compensation, shutter speed, aperture, and/or light sensitivity (ISO). 

Remote Trigger

Start and stop your timelapse wirelessly from your smartphone.

Timelapse Preview

Watch a high-definition (1080p) preview video of your timelapse while it is being captured. 

Share or Save your Timelapse

Click on the thumbnail in the lower right-hand corner to access the gallery. Click on the image that shows a “clock movie icon” in the lower-left corner to view and share your created “Smartlapse.” Click the share button to save or share your video on social media. 

Check out this in-depth video for best shooting practices for timelapse with Arsenal 2!

For a step-by-step guides on capturing timelapses with Arsenal 2:

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