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Arsenal 2 Introduction to Timelapse
Arsenal 2 Introduction to Timelapse

Introduction to Timelapses, SmartLapse, Basic, and Holy Grail

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Start here as you jump into Arsenal 2’s timelapse capabilities

When creating Arsenal 2’s timelapse feature, we had three main goals in mind:

  1. Build a super-simple interface designed for those who want to tap a button and go. Similar to the process for capturing timelapses on an iPhone, but with even better results by using Arsenal 2’s auto-exposure model.

  2. Allow customization for those who want it, whether that’s timelapse duration, interval length, or full manual control

  3. Create the world’s first fully automated Holy Grail timelapses, and add in some Holy Grail-specific custom options

To that end, Arsenal 2’s Timelapse Mode automatically captures a series of shots over time and creates a video to let you preview the results. Arsenal 2’s auto-exposure model will manage exposure settings in SmartLapse and Holy Grail modes to give you the best settings in changing conditions. If you want full manual control there is a “Basic” mode for that.

Before we jump into the details, a quick rundown of the different modes:

  1. SmartLapse - Great for taking a timelapse in most conditions and especially good if you’re new to timelapses. SmartLapse mode helps you easily create stunning timelapses with the click of a button. Arsenal 2's SmartLapse manages exposure settings, the number of shots, and the intervals between shots. Arsenal 2 Getting Started with a SmartLapse

  2. SmartLapse with Custom Intervals - For our more advanced users, you can take advantage of Arsenal 2’s auto-exposure model while having control over the number of shots and the interval between them. For more details see: Arsenal 2 Getting Started on SmartLapse with Custom Intervals

  3. Holy Grail - This is the function that pro photographers have been seeking for some time. Arsenal 2’s Holy Grail mode uses our auto-exposure model to adjust exposure settings within ranges and priorities you define. This is the best method to use for changing ambient light, such as sunrise and sunset timelapses. For more details see: Arsenal 2 Getting Started with Holy Grail Timelapse

  4. Basic - Arsenal 2 will trigger the shots for you, but you have full manual control of your settings. For more details see: Arsenal 2 Getting Started with Basic Timelapse

No matter what mode you choose, we think you’ll enjoy shooting timelapses #withArsenal!

Check out this in-depth video for best shooting practices for timelapse with Arsenal 2!

Are you using a Slider to shoot your timelapse? Arsenal 2 offers this for many of our supported cameras. You can learn more here: Arsenal 2 Getting Started with a Slider for Timelapse

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