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Arsenal 2 Power and Battery Troubleshooting
Arsenal 2 Power and Battery Troubleshooting

Power and Battery Questions

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My Arsenal 2 device won't turn on.

  • Check to see if the blue LED ring light around the power button is illuminated.

  • Make sure that your Arsenal 2 battery is charged.

If you press Arsenal 2’s power button and you do not see the blue LED bar or LED ring around the power button light up briefly, your Arsenal 2 isn’t charged. For Arsenal 2 Pro, there is a small blue LED on top of the device that will be illuminated when Arsenal 2 is powered on. Arsenal 2 is charging when the orange LED light is visible on the top of the device. You will know Arsenal 2 is fully charged when the orange light turns off. Briefly tap the power button to turn the Arsenal 2 on. You can plug the USB charging cable into either of Arsenal 2’s USB ports.

If you're still having trouble, please contact our support team at

My Arsenal 2 won't charge.

  • Make sure your charger is fully connected to the power source.

  • Press the charger all the way into the power source. You can plug the USB charging cable into any USB-supported power supply (such as a USB wall outlet, laptop, external battery pack, or another device).

    *Please note - the curly USB cable supplied for tethering to your camera is not designed to be used for charging.

  • Do not attempt to charge Arsenal 2 in extreme temperature conditions. Charging Arsenal 2 when it is very cold or very hot is detrimental to the battery.

  • If your Arsenal 2 turns on when you connect the charger but immediately turns off when you disconnect the charger, please contact our support team at

My Arsenal 2 is turned on, but it doesn't work.

  • Make sure the blue LED light or ring light around the power button is illuminated. If it's not, review the steps above.

  • Make sure your phone is connected to Arsenal 2's WiFi network. See App and Phone Troubleshooting

  • Make sure Arsenal 2 is connected to your camera properly. See Camera Cable Troubleshooting.

My Arsenal 2 won't turn off.

  • To turn Arsenal 2 off, briefly tap the power button. You should see the blue LED lights turn off.

  • If Arsenal 2 isn’t powering off normally, press and hold the power button until Arsenal 2 turns off. This should take about 10 seconds. Release the power button after the blue LEDs turn off.

My Arsenal 2 battery doesn't last long enough.

  • Check to make sure your camera isn't draining power from your Arsenal 2. Under the settings menu of the app, you will see the following message if your camera is drawing power from the Arsenal 2. See your camera specific settings to find the location to turn this off or check your camera's manual.

  • Fully charge your battery before using Arsenal 2. When Arsenal 2's battery is fully charged, the orange charging light will turn off.

  • Extend Arsenal 2's battery with a USB battery pack (sold separately). You can charge Arsenal 2 while using it for extended shooting sessions.

  • Keep Arsenal 2 warm. Like most electronic devices, Arsenal 2's battery gets drained faster in the cold. Keeping it in your pocket or another warm place before and after shooting may extend battery life in cold conditions.

  • Adjust your photo stacking settings. Certain functions like photo stacking use additional battery life.

If you are still having trouble charging or powering on your Arsenal 2. Please reach out to support.

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