Arsenal ships with a free USB cable for the camera model you specify when ordering. To minimize the chance for errors, we ask you for your camera model and automatically send the right cable.

Different cameras require different types of USB cables. So if you own multiple cameras, you may need another cable to use it with Arsenal. Be sure to confirm your second camera is supported before ordering.

How to order extra cables

To order an extra cable, go to First, set the quantity of Arsenal units to zero. Then select your camera model and proceed with your order. You should see a cost of $10/cable plus shipping.

How to change the cable on an existing order

If you need to change the cable you ordered (e.g. if you replaced your camera), please click on the link in the Order Confirmation email you received when purchasing Arsenal.  From there you can click on Edit Order to change your cable.  

Can I use my own cable? What if I need a longer cable?

You're welcome to use your own cable -- just be sure you get the right one.

To work with Arsenal, your cable will need to be USB micro OTG male on one end (this connects to Arsenal) and your camera's USB type on the other. 

If you want to use the USB cable that came with your camera, you can buy a USB OTG to female USB A adapter and connect this to your existing cable. 

Keep in mind your cable will be significantly longer than our cables, which are custom-made to be a convenient length for using Arsenal in your camera's hot shoe. 

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