***Update 8/19 - Packages had their paperwork added, were scanned in, and uploaded to an airplane en route to Canada. They should be in Canada this evening on 8/19.*** 

You may have heard we’ve had some issues with the Canada Post impacting all shipments to Canada. Below is what happened, what we’ve done, and where things stand currently.

Packages were delivered to the Canada Post affiliate warehouse in Hong Kong over the last two-plus weeks, but have not been receiving tracking updates and their status was unclear. We worked with our fulfillment house to escalate this and were told multiple times the problem would be solved “in the next two days”. After repeated poor information and further escalations, we were able to get in touch with the owner of Canada Post’s affiliate warehouse in Hong Kong. The owner committed to us that the following steps would happen:

  1. The Canadian customs clearing agency would provide the necessary paperwork on Friday, August 17.
  2. The warehouse would work over the weekend to add paperwork to the packages.
  3. They would work to complete all packages in time for the Sunday, August 19 flight from Hong Kong to Canada, with the units arriving in Canada as early as the morning of Monday, August 20.

As soon as the tracking updates, you’ll get an email with the tracking link. We will monitor progress over the weekend and post another update on Canadian shipments Monday.

We are committed to securing a better service for our Canada customers and are currently evaluating options.

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