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Arsenal 1 Camera Cable and Troubleshooting
Arsenal 1 Camera Cable and Troubleshooting

Problems with cables and connecting Arsenal to your camera

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Here are troubleshooting steps for several potential challenges with camera cables:

My camera cable doesn't work with my camera

Make sure you’re using the curly camera cable. Arsenal comes with two cables. The short, curly one is designed for controlling your camera.

Try reorienting the cable. It may sound silly, but with these small plugs, it’s easy to have the cable upside-down or not plugged in securely. While the ports may look symmetrical, only one orientation will fit. Plug the rectangular end of the cable into the port on the left side of Arsenal (opposite of the power button). Take care to orient the teeth of the cable facing downwards as pictured below.

Check which camera you specified during your order. If you changed cameras or selected the wrong camera model, you may need a different USB cable. You can see what cable you ordered in your Order Confirmation email. The camera dropdown menu at will tell you what cable is appropriate for each of our supported cameras. You can order extra cables there. We do not accept returns or exchanges for USB cables.

Let us know if we sent the wrong cable. Sometimes we make mistakes. If you received a cable that doesn’t fit the camera you specified due to our error, let us know and we’ll be happy to send a replacement.

I have multiple cameras / I replaced my camera

Make sure your second camera is supported by Arsenal. You can check your camera’s compatibility here.

Check whether your camera cable works with your second camera. There are only several USB port types used by cameras, so your cable may fit both cameras. The camera dropdown menu at will tell you what cable is appropriate for each of our supported cameras.

Order additional cables if needed. If your cable doesn’t fit your new camera’s USB port, you can order an additional camera cable. We have them available at

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