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How to review, share, and save your photos to your phone using Arsenal.

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With the Save to Phone feature, Arsenal makes it simple to review, share, and save photos from your DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Open the Review Screen

In Arsenal’s photo modes, you’ll see a thumbnail image in the lower right corner of the screen. Tap it to preview your most recent photo. You can then swipe right to see previous shots.

Quickly Browse Photos

To browse through all the images on your camera, tap the album icon in the upper right. You’ll see thumbnail images for all your recent photos. (If there are already photos on your memory card that you would like to review click on the “View All” button). Scroll to view earlier images and tap any thumbnail to see the larger preview.

Review your Image

Select any photo, then drag the image or pinch to resize on Android, or on iOS, you can double-tap to zoom in.

Saving Photos

To save photos to your phone automatically, navigate to the settings screen and turn on the Save to Phone feature by selecting which type of photos you would like to save, All, Stacks, or Timelapses. A prompt should pop up asking for permission to access your photos. Click Open Settings and select Allow Photos Access All Photos.

Prior to the stacked image saving to your phone, you can see the progress of the stack by going into the gallery view and clicking on the thumbnail image with the stacked icon displayed in the lower-left corner. The progress bar will load through S, M, L, once it completes the stack it will save it to your phone directly.

The Save to Phone feature will also allow you to transfer images that are already on your camera’s memory card. To start the transfer hit the “View All” button, in the upper right you will see a numerical indicator of how many photos are transferring. When it is paused you will see a paused message with a “dot” indicating the transfer has been paused. You can also cancel the transfer at any time.

Note: The transfer will pause if you have triggered a shot, it will resume transferring when the photo has been completed. The Arsenal app can transfer photos while in the background but will time out if the app is exited or minimized for too long.

Share Photos

To share a photo from the Arsenal gallery, tap the photo you’d like to share, and click on the share icon. You can then choose your preferred destination, such as Instagram, Facebook, email, chat, or choose to save directly to your phone. When posting on social media, you can use the hashtag #withArsenal to share your photos with the Arsenal community.

Deleting Photos from the Gallery

In the settings menu, you will see a “Clear Gallery” button. Use this to delete all photos, stacks, and timelapse videos from Arsenal’s gallery. This does not delete photos from your camera. Please note you can run the “View All” to access the photos again but this will not retrieve the stacks or timelapse videos that Arsenal created.

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