Getting long timelapses requires a lot of power. So we made a battery that can power Arsenal 2 and your phone.


  • 10,000 mAH Battery

  • Input: USB-C and USB Micro B

  • Output: USB-C (1x) and USB-A (2x)

The powerbank supports USB Power Delivery and Quick Charge, with outputs of 5V, 9V, or 12V. It will default to 5V (standard USB). After you connect a device to charge, the powerbank will attempt to negotiate a higher voltage option. If the connected device responds that it supports a higher voltage, the powerbank will adjust accordingly. If two devices are connected, the powerbank automatically adjusts to the lowest level of voltage (ie. if a 5V device and a 9V compatible device are connected at the same time, the powerbank provides 5V to both devices).

If you ordered a powerbank please note it will be shipped separately due to recent changes in shipping regulations for batteries.

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