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Does Arsenal 2 work with Lens Adapters?
Does Arsenal 2 work with Lens Adapters?

Lens adapters, Metabones, Sigma MC11, A-mount to E-mount

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Our ability to test adapters on every camera is limited, while Arsenal 2 does work with some adapters, they can run slower than native lenses. Unfortunately, due to testing limitations and the number of adapters, we can not guarantee support for lens adapters. See below for some of our latest test results.

Metabones (to Sony E)

Generally, Metabones adapters do fairly well, with some performance degradation and slow autofocus that tends to miss more than with native glass.

Sigma MC11

The MC11 adapter is unreliable when used with Arsenal 2 and we do not recommend getting Arsenal 2 if you need to use the MC11 adapter.

LA-AE3 A-mount to E-mount adapter

The LA-AE3 adapter takes over for the autofocus functionality of the camera, and unfortunately, the interface to control the adapters autofocus is not available over USB. We do not recommend using Arsenal 2 with the LA-AE3 adaptor and A-mount lenses.

If you have any questions additional questions please reach out to support. They are always happy to help!

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