Accessing and Using the Focus Screen

The Focus screen can be accessed by tapping the square focus icon in the upper right corner of the app. From this screen, you can tap on the live view image to select one or more focus points. For precision focusing tap and hold on the preview to see the focus point magnified. *This feature is currently only available on iOS

Single Point Focus

The default focus mode is a Single Point focus. When you select a focus point, Arsenal focuses your camera’s lens to the exact distance of the subject in that part of the scene. You can select a single point of focus from the main screen of the app by tapping on the live view where you’d like to set the focus point, or through the focusing screen.

Multipoint Focus

Select multiple points in your image. We recommend selecting two points. The near point and the far point. Arsenal 2 will control your lens to measure the distance of each focus point. It will then calculate the optimal focal position for the maximum sharpness of those points and set the lens to that distance. The formula Arsenal 2 uses is a modified version of the hyperfocal distance formula.

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