Arsenal 2 Pro and Arsenal 2 Standard offer hardware upgrades, faster processing, and some great new features including:

  • Deep Color, Crowd Control, Panorama, and Night Assist

  • Arsenal 2 Standard is 300% faster than Arsenal 1, and Arsenal 2 Pro is 500% faster

  • Onboard Micro SD card slot for saving stacked images, timelapses, Deep Color, Crowd Control, and Panoramas

  • Upgraded hardware

  • New WiFi chip. The new chip is a big improvement both in speed, reliability and with the new antenna configuration, range

  • Arsenal 2 Pro adds USB-C Connectors and weather resistance

All of our supported cameras can be used with Arsenal 2 Standard or Arsenal 2 Pro. The cable that comes with the Pro version has a USB-C on the Arsenal side and the appropriate connector for your camera on the camera side.

The handy chart below breaks down the differences between each Arsenal model in more detail.

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