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v1.0.2 Release Notes
v1.0.2 Release Notes

A summary of the big v1.0 Release!

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We’re really excited to be launching Arsenal v1.0! This new release is rather large and includes a bunch of quality of life improvements, as well as some new features and a few new supported cameras. The full release notes are below, but the highlights include "Save to Phone" added, a workaround for the “Code 8” issue, support for the Nikon Z50, Sony A6100, and Sony A6600, and improving the speed of Smart and Handheld mode live view processing.

The full release details:

  • Photos can now be automatically saved to the phone! Under settings there is now sliders for saving "All", "Stacks", or "Timelapses". Arsenal will automatically create an "Arsenal" album which photos, stacks, or timelapses will be placed in. The Arsenal app can transfer photos while in the background although iOS 13 and recent Androids substantially limit the amount of time an app can be active for background transferring (still useful, but hopefully at some point they will give users more options for how much background activity an app can do). There's a status indicator in the gallery page in the Arsenal app that shows how many files are left to be synced.

  • Added support for Nikon Z50, Sony A6100, and Sony A6600

  • Added a work around for the iOS 13 "Code 8" issue

  • Improved iOS sharing experience - sharing is now faster and also shares a larger size image

  • Added multipoint focus and focus stacking for the Fuji X-T1 and Fuji X-T2

  • Photo processing priority is now bumped up based on which photo you are looking at in the gallery. This should be a nice user experience improvement.

  • Exposure Bracketing can now be run from shutter priority and manual modes on cameras

  • Added support for adapted lenses on Sony cameras

  • Improved power consumption in Smart Mode and Handheld

  • Reduced firmware size by 10%, which should help with faster downloads

  • Improved performance of Smart Mode triggering

  • Smart and Handheld mode live view processing is now faster

  • View All is now cancelable and shows progress status. We also now only load in previews of the full resolution photo. The full resolution photo is downloaded only when tapped to open. This significantly speeds up the import process.

  • Improved live view frame rate on iOS

  • Improved behavior when canceling long running triggers and stacks

  • We think we fixed the issue that caused the accelerometer orientation to be pulled incorrectly resulting in incorrectly rotated live view images; it was somewhat rare, but let us know if you see this still

  • Fixed an issue on iOS where the charging icon would not show when Arsenal was plugged in

  • Fixes the "jumping" issue in the iOS gallery

  • Fixed base iso issue on Nikon Z6

  • Fixed an issue on some Sony WiFi cameras where View All would block triggering until it was done.

  • Fixed an issue on some Sony WiFi cameras where View All would lock up the Sony app

  • Fixed an issue where EXIF data would be pulled in wrong

  • Fixed Android issue with overlapping sliders on timelapse Holy Grail screen.

  • Fixed auto/multi LUN connection issue on Sony USB cameras

  • Fixed a few iOS app crashes

  • Fixed a bug with Night Exposure

  • Fixed a rare iOS connection issue

  • Fixed an issue when connecting to an Arsenal from a phone that it hasn't connected to before while a firmware update was needed.

  • Fixed a Handheld issue on Canon cameras

  • Fixed a WiFi cameras connection issue

  • Fixed an issue where a corrupted database would prevent Arsenal from booting correctly

  • Fixed an issue with photos from Sony USB cameras not always showing up in the gallery

  • Fixed an issue with taking a shot while the camera was still focusing

  • Fixed regression with starting handheld mode immediately after powering on Arsenal

  • Added an improved progress bar to stacked photos

  • Fixed an issue where Save to Phone would get stuck

  • Fixed a UI issue when cancelling focus stacks

  • Added option in Settings to clear all of Arsenal’s gallery in a single tap

  • Added a check/warning to turn off long exposure noise reduction in smart mode (night exposures only)

  • Fixed several iOS 13 UI issues

  • Fixed an issue where Smart mode would cause Arsenal to crash if the Wi-Fi connection is too slow

  • Fixed issue where Arsenal might think the phone is disconnected

  • Improved messaging for some USB Sony cameras when connected via Wi-Fi; directs you to use USB if on USB Sony cameras

  • Allowed changing screens while in handheld mode with phone connected

  • Improved messaging when timelapse requires a camera mode change

  • Fixed an issue where Arsenal would shut down (sleep) in handheld mode if a phone hadn’t been connected

  • Fixed a memory leak in iOS

  • Fixed a rare issue that prevented the phone from reconnecting to Arsenal

  • Fixed a night exposure issue on Sony Wi-Fi cameras

  • Fixed an issue updating settings for night exposure

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