(Sony A7iii, A7Riii, Sony A6100, Sony A6400, and Sony A6600)

How to configure your Sony camera settings to work with Arsenal

Sony cameras require some one-time settings configuration to work well with Arsenal. These instructions vary by camera model. 

Instructions for Sony A7iii, A7Riii, Sony A6100, Sony A6400, and Sony A6600

Follow the steps in this video for A7iii, A7Riii, Sony A6100, Sony A6400, and Sony A6600 cameras. You'll use the USB cable provided with your Arsenal. For these cameras, you will want to plug the USB into your camera’s “multi” port. 

Troubleshooting tips: if you receive an error when connecting, double-check that your camera is set to "USB Connection,” not "Mass Storage.” Also, make sure your camera is set to Aperture priority mode. 

Camera Settings to connect with Arsenal:

Network1 Menu:

  • Ctrl w/Smartphone set to: OFF 
  • Always connected set to: OFF

Quality/Image Size1 Menu: 

  • File Format set to: JPEG or RAW + JPEG

Setup 4 menu:

  • USB Connection set to: PC Remote 
  • USB Power Supply set to: OFF
  • PC Remote set to: Still Img. 
  • Save Dest. set to: PC+Camera 

AF 3 menu: 

  • PRE-AF set to: OFF 

Dial on top of the camera Sony A7iii and Sony A7Riii:

  • Exposure Compensation set: Dial to "0"

AF2 menu: 

  • AF w/shutter set to: ON 

Now you are ready to connect to Arsenal! 

Attach Arsenal to your camera

Mount Arsenal to your camera's hot shoe: 

  • Hold the device so that the Arsenal lettering is on top and facing you when you’re behind the camera.
  • Line up Arsenal’s “foot” behind your camera’s hot shoe (the metal slot on top of the camera).
  • Slide Arsenal into the hot shoe. 

Connect Arsenal to your camera

Use the included curly camera cable to connect Arsenal with your camera:

  • Plug the rectangular end of the cable into the port on the left side of Arsenal (opposite of the power button). Take care to orient the teeth of the cable facing downwards as pictured below.
  • Plug one end of the cable into the USB Micro “Multi” port on your camera.

Open the Arsenal App

  • Click Connect
  • Join the Arsenal Network

The app should then connect to your camera. You are ready to start using Arsenal!

If you are still having trouble connecting after following the camera setup steps, please contact Customer Support

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