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v0.9.92 Release Notes
v0.9.92 Release Notes

What's in the v0.9.92 build?

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A quick release today to fix a few more issues on iOS 13 and a few issues with Canon cameras.  Also we added support for the Canon 90D.

  • More improvements to Canon mode dial changes handling

  • Fixed layout bug seen on iOS13

  • Fixed an iOS app crash

  • Added Canon 90D support

  • Fixed Camera Error issue on Canon EOS R/RP

  • Fixed a bug with sharing photos on Android

  • Fixes for Night mode on some Canons

For reference, since 0.9.92 was a quick follow-up from 0.9.89, here's the other improvements since the last major release:

The primary purpose of this release is to support iOS 13 and improve the connection process when connecting to existing devices. We've also included some more bug fixes, a few performance improvements, and a new exposure calculation system for night photography in smart mode.

Night Exposure: When taking photos in the dark, Arsenal will use test shots to automatically set the exposure and other settings. This means smart mode will now work when it is too dark for your camera to meter. Depending on how dark it is and your camera's noise performance, it can usually calculate the exposure in about 15 seconds.

  • Added support for the Canon EOS Rebel T7, Canon EOS 2000D, Canon EOS Kiss X90, and Canon EOS 1500D

  • Fixed an issue where Arsenal would display black live view frames on some Nikon cameras

  • Fixed whole scene focus not being enabled on Fuji X-T1

  • Fixed focus mode toggling on some Sony cameras

  • Upgraded video player in Android app, should bring some improvements to timelapse playback

  • Improved the way Canon cameras detect mode changes

  • Fixed an issue on Sony cameras when the locale uses comma's instead of periods for the decimal point

  • Android: Added 64-bit builds

  • Android: fixed a bug in firmware update countdown

  • Improve messaging when triggering is canceled, but the camera needs to finish taking a photo

  • Fixed an issue with RAW timelapses on the Canon 1DXii

  • Changed the way dropped connections are detected, should make connections over long distances a bit more resilient

  • Fixed a few issues with the new Smart Mode solver, mostly involving dark scenes (not just night photo though)

  • Fixes issue crash when current aperture disappears during a smart mode calculation (because the lens is zoomed and it drops an available aperture)

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