Holy Grail Overview

Holy Grail Mode allows you to control how you want settings to change over time using range sliders for shutter, aperture, and ISO. You can set a low and high range for each. Arsenal will adjust the exposure settings to stay within the defined range you set. Be sure to set the range large enough to handle any lighting changes that might happen during your timelapse. You can change ranges while your timelapse is running and Arsenal will adjust settings after a few frames to maintain your requested ranges.

Arsenal manages exposures and settings, within ranges and priorities you define. 

With that said, Arsenal will move within the ranges top down as they appear in the app. 

Example: As it gets darker, Arsenal will slow the shutter speed until it reaches the limit you have set. Once it reaches this limit, it will start to open your Aperture to allow for the scene to stay exposed correctly. Once it has opened to the limit of your Aperture setting, it will then start to adjust your ISO higher to allow more light to come in and keep the exposure level correct. 

There are circumstances when you may want to adjust the settings in a different order. We have added a feature so you can “Prioritize” which settings are adjusted first while the timelapse is progressing. To arrange the settings in a different order, click “Prioritize” on the middle right of the app. 

Example: You are shooting a time lapse of water and want your shutter speed to remain at 1 second. You can drag ‘Aperture’ and ‘ISO’ up in the list of features and it will adjust these levels before changing your shutter speed. 

Note: Arsenal will try to use the darkest setting possible. It will select the shortest possible shutter, the smallest aperture number, and the lowest possible ISO. 

Auto Holy Grail

This setting is for those who want to customize the interval and number of shots, but let Arsenal handle the rest. You do not need to set ranges for this mode. Auto Holy Grail has some smart defaults and will work well in most cases; it’s essentially “SmartLapse” with the ability to customize the interval and number of shots. That said, we still recommend custom Holy Grail ranges/priorities if you want to do things like have a consistent shutter speed for water in a scene, or prevent aperture changes (which can cause some visible vignette changes).

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