Lots of bug fixes in this release, which is the focus right now. Please keep the feedback coming if you're seeing other bugs we don't mention below.

  • Fixed issue in handheld mode, that affected some Canon models that weren't saving photos to the card.
  • During long exposures, Arsenal wouldn't reconnect until the exposure was completed. We fixed this issue which was reported mostly during timelapses.
  • Canon performance improvements.
  • Fixed an iOS bug where the app would crash when using certain lenses with non-standard aperture stops.
  • More multipoint, whole scene, and focus stacking improvements.
  • We reworked one component for Canon lens calibration to improve its accuracy. You may be asked to rerun the calibrations.
  • Improved handling on Sony Wifi cameras when the camera times out.
  • Fixed one issue with our caching system that could lead to running out of disk space.
  • Support for the Fuji X-T1. Make sure to switch the USB Mode to ‘PC Shoot Auto’ for the Fuji X-T1. We’ll add a screen as a reminder in a future release.
  • Added app version number to splash screen.

A few things on the radar for the near future:

  • Camera-Specific Improvements

We still have a handful of the less used cameras that we need to make improvements on. A few, like the D3100, D3000, you’ll see a ‘camera not supported’ message until we can get them up to par (the experience just wasn’t great on these, and we didn’t want folks trying to troubleshoot or having a poor experience while we worked through it). We’re working on these as a very high priority over the next couple of weeks.

  • Saving Stacks images

Saving any types of stacks to the SD card is still something we’re working through. You can share/save the image from the image preview, but we’re working through writing back to the SD card. 

  • Firmware File Size

It's pretty large at the moment. Current firmware updates contain three things: 1) the OS/firmware, 2) the Arsenal software, and 3) the AI models. Up until now all three have been changing on most releases. We're almost to the point though where only the software will change for most releases. The software is only about 30MBs. In a future firmware update, we can move to building smaller firmware update files if a full update isn't needed.

  • Smart Mode Improvements

We've gotten a ton of great feedback and sample photos from people using Arsenal in all kinds of situations. Expect to see a big Smart Mode improvement in the next few releases.

  • Camera Settings Management

We've mentioned this before and are working on some improvements to 'reset' certain camera settings back to their previous status before Arsenal made changes. 

  • Support for iOS 12

We're testing the new iOS release currently. We've seen a few inconsistencies on it and are working through them already. 

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