What is recovery mode?

How to identify recovery mode and steps to restore Arsenal 2 to its normal state.

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Recovery Mode

As a fail-safe, Arsenal 2 boots into recovery mode if it has issues booting the primary software.

If Arsenal 2 is in Recovery Mode, both of the following will be true

  1. The device's back blue LED bar remains illuminated indefinitely whenever Arsenal 2 is powered on.

  2. Arsenal 2 creates a generic "arsenal" WiFi network instead of a unique network (e.g. arsenal-adjective-noun-number).

The type of WiFi network Arsenal 2 creates is the key to determining whether your device is in recovery mode or simply installing a firmware update. The blue LED bar also stays lit when Arsenal 2 is installing a firmware update, but only for 1-2 minutes.

Arsenal 2 goes into recovery mode if it fails to boot the primary software three times in a row. The reasons for this can vary but can include things such as memory corruption or the firmware update getting interrupted before it has finished.

Getting Arsenal 2 out of Recovery Mode

It's possible you got into recovery mode accidentally.

  • Try holding Arsenal 2's power button down for at least 8 seconds to reset the device. Then turn it back on and try to connect.

  • You can also try adding a new Arsenal 2 on the connection screen (iOS only) or try manually connecting to Arsenal 2 by selecting the Arsenal 2 network in your phone’s WiFi settings. Use the password “arsenal1234” to connect to the Arsenal 2 WiFi manually. Close and reopen the app and follow the instructions when prompted.

If these steps don’t resolve the issue, please contact our friendly support team at help@witharsenal.com. We'll help you get it sorted out!

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