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Desktop Firmware Update over WiFi

Upload new firmware to Arsenal from a Mac or Windows computer

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The primary method for updating Arsenal's firmware is from your Android or iOS device. However, Arsenal's firmware can be also updated using a Mac or Windows PC desktop or laptop. This is useful for:

  • Updating firmware when your phone has limited storage space

  • Updating firmware if you run into difficulty with the mobile update process

Firmware Update Process via Computer WiFi

  • Go to your phone's app store and make sure you have the most recent version of the Arsenal Remote app installed. Your app needs to match the firmware version you're about to install.

  • Connect Arsenal to a power source using the power port on the device's right side (next to the power button).

  • Download the latest firmware on a Mac or Windows PC. Visit and click on the appropriate download button for your phone's operating system (iOS or Android). You may need to right-click the button and choose "Save link as..." for your browser to download the zip file rather than trying to display it.

The downloaded zipped file should look similar to arsenal-firmware-v1_0_4-b448_1_240.tar.xz

  • Once the download is complete, turn on your Arsenal device.

  • Connect your computer to Arsenal's WiFi network. The network name is "arsenal" for new devices or "arsenal-adjective-noun-number" for configured devices. The WiFi password is "arsenal1234".

  • Once your computer is connected to Arsenal's WiFi, enter "" in your browser's URL bar and press return. (If this doesn't work, try "" instead.)

  • When you see the Update Firmware page, click the Choose File button and select the firmware file you downloaded. This will likely be in your Downloads or Desktop folder. Do not unzip the file you downloaded; simply upload the zipped file.

  • Click the Upload button to begin the transfer process.

  • Wait for your computer to transfer the firmware. DO NOT turn off either device or disconnect WiFi during the update process.

  • After the firmware is transferred, Arsenal needs to install the update. While it's installing, the blue indicator bar will be solid blue. DO NOT turn off Arsenal during this process.

  • When the installation is complete, the blue indicator bar will animate and turn off. You can now connect to Arsenal using the Arsenal Remote app.

  • When connecting to the app you should see a join prompt, "Arsenal Remote" Wants to Join Wi-Fi Network "arsenal" (if connecting for the first time), or "Arsenal Remote" Wants to Join Wi-Fi Network "arsenal-adjective-noun-number" (if connecting an already configured device). Click Join.

Updating the firmware via USB

If both the mobile and WiFi approaches are unsuccessful, we also offer a way to update Arsenal's firmware from your computer via USB:
โ€‹Desktop Firmware Update over USB - Apple
โ€‹Desktop Firmware Update over USB - Windows

Firmware update troubleshooting

If your Arsenal device does not work after applying a firmware update, please refer to the Recovery Mode article.

If you're still having difficulty, contact our support team. We'll help you get up and running!

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