A number of camera-specific fixes plus improving the app experience were the focus of this release. Sony camera users, take note of the new processes to connect here (https://support.witharsenal.com/sony-camera-connection). 

  • Added camera-specific fixes for a number of cameras, most notably some popular Sony models
  • For older Sony models, moved away from the USB connection to a Wifi connection to improve performance. Newer models remain on USB connection, and we will revisit using the USB connection for older Sonys in the future. 
  • Improved responsiveness while stacks are being processed
  • Fixed crash on iOS when sharing stacks that weren't completed being pulled in
  • Added note on Camera Not Found screen to disable Canon Wifi for some cameras to enable USB connections
  • Fixed iOS app issue with photos not being pulled in on the photo grid
  • Fixed issue with photos showing up out of order taken in photo grid
  • Fixed a crash on the firmware update screen seen when there isn't sufficient storage on a phone to download the firmware update.
  • Fixed issue with exposure delay mode being enabled on some Nikon cameras.  (Arsenal attempts to toggle it off, but on some cameras, the camera API has options for "On", which sets exposure delay to 3 seconds, and "Off", which sets it to 2 seconds.  Looks like a bug in the camera API.  We implemented a work around)
  • Improved resolution on the large last photo image on the timelapse screen
  • Fixed issue with long exposure bursts on d7500
  • Exposure bracketing now updates the EV value during shooting


  • For Sony cameras, we are still working on a fix for multi-point focus, whole scene focus, and focus stacking. Single point focus works well, but the rest are in progress and will be out soon.
  • We've seen some issues with multipoint/focus stacking position on some Canon cameras and a few Nikon ones. We've got a fix in the works.
  • Saving any types of stacks to the SD card is still something we’re working through. You can share/save the image from the image preview, but we’re working through writing back to the SD card.
  • We're also working on improving the camera's "zeroing" when taking photos in Smartmode. We’ve included a bunch of updates in this release, with a few more in the next one. This article on Settings Management may be helpful in the meantime: https://support.witharsenal.com/arsenal-setting-management
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