v0.8.47 Release Notes

Quite a few more fixes included with this latest release. We addressed a number of issues customers reported as well as improved on existing messaging and app experience. Here is a list of the fixes addressed in v0.8.47:

  • Single point focus now jumps to the most open aperture to improve focusing in live view.
  • Canon cameras incorrectly report the read-only state in some modes. Added hard coded mode lookup table to show the correct states.
  • Fixed issue with Nikon D90 where it would try to focus again during a trigger even if "Refocus Before Shot" was disabled. 
  • Improved messaging during stacking; display shot progress where possible (most places except for long exposure bursts on some cameras).
  • Timelapses now refresh settings correctly after each shot.
  • On some Nikon cameras, the aperture is mechanically linked to the mirror flipping up and down. When Arsenal searches for an optimal aperture during multipoint focus, we toggle the mirror so it can compare apertures.
  • Fixed issue with photos that were deleted right after taken.
  • The identifier for some cameras changed between firmware versions (Why? We may never know.). Typically these have "(PTP Mode)" at the end. We added some code to correctly identify these cameras on older firmware versions.
  • Improved handheld mode toggling. In the previous release we added an LED blink when running handheld not in aperture priority. We had an intermittent bug that caused it to cancel the handheld mode when not in aperture priority.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause focus stacking to take up too much temp space and, on occasion, force Arsenal into recovery mode.
  • Fixed single point focusing issues on a few Canon cameras.


  • We're real close to getting the new Android connecting method out the door. In the current release some android phones disconnect from wifi when they are connected to an access point without internet. We missed this one during internal testing due to a lot of our phones not having SIM cards. The solution is a switch to Wifi Direct, which was on the road map. We're real close, but it's a bit of a rewrite of the whole connection process on Android. In the meantime we improved the messaging associated with the workaround. We're getting close to having the Wifi Direct solution out the door, but weren't able to make it into this release. We figured the other fixes were worth a release in the meantime.
  • We've seen some issues with multipoint/focus stacking position on some Canon cameras and a few Nikon ones. We've got a fix in the works.
  • We’re still working through some camera-specific bugs that resulted in “Camera not Supported” errors. A few are in this release and more will be in the larger release, which we expect to push to Apple/Android late this week (and then be posted in 1-3 days after reviewed/approved).
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