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Arsenal 2 Camera Setting Management
Arsenal 2 Camera Setting Management

Camera settings changed or camera not working normally after using with Arsenal 2

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To control your camera successfully, Arsenal 2 changes certain camera settings during shooting. 

Persistent setting changes

When taking photos in manual mode or smart mode, changes made to ISO, aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation, and mode (either manually or through the Smart Mode) will persist after disconnecting from Arsenal 2. This is intended behavior; the thought here is that these settings will need to be reviewed/changed the next time you use your camera with or without Arsenal 2.

Temporary setting changes

When taking shots in Smart mode, Arsenal 2 also toggles a few settings to 'on' before a shot, and toggles them 'off' after each shot. These settings are: metering mode, white balance, camera exposure bracketing, picture style, and HDR mode.

Potential issue when temporary settings persist

Sometimes, if Arsenal A2 is disconnected from your camera during a shot, the toggled settings may remain, since Arsenal 2 is not able to "untoggle" them. As soon as the camera is reconnected to Arsenal 2, it will properly restore camera settings if this has not already happened.

If you experience this problem in the meantime, please contact our support team and we'll help you sort it out. If the situation is urgent, resetting your camera settings (to either the default state or your preferred settings) is a reliable solution. 

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