Arsenal’s photo review screen enables you to browse the photos on your camera’s card wirelessly from your phone. You can zoom in to view any photo in full resolution, share photos on social media, or save them to your phone’s photo album -- all without using a laptop or card reader. 

For a step-by-step guide to reviewing and sharing photos with Arsenal, check out Getting Started with Photo Review & Sharing.

Note: Photo review only displays images; videos on your camera cannot currently be reviewed or shared with the Arsenal app.

How It Works

Arsenal’s photo review screen wirelessly streams preview images from your camera’s memory card to your phone. This enables you to browse images, review them at full resolution, and share them using your phone’s internet connection.

Every time you take a photo with Arsenal, the original image is saved on your camera’s memory card. In the background, Arsenal also creates smaller preview images that are temporarily cached on your phone. After a moment or two, a thumbnail version of your most recent shot will appear in the lower right corner of the shooting mode screen.

Arsenal will also generate preview images for existing images on your camera. If there are lots of pre-existing images on your card, it will take Arsenal a significant amount of time to create the initial cache. This may slow app performance temporarily. 

When you select a thumbnail, Arsenal will display a larger preview image. In the background, Arsenal begins temporarily caching the full-resolution image on your phone. Double-tapping a preview will zoom to show the RAW or JPEG image at 100% size. 

The preview images in the Arsenal app will not permanently take up any space on your phone. Preview files are only stored temporarily and deleted if another application needs the space. Thus, there is no need to manually delete preview images.

The amount of available storage space on your phone will affect the Arsenal app’s performance. When more space is available, Arsenal can cache more preview images, making the app faster. To improve app performance, you can free up space on your Apple iOS phone or Android phone.

Features and Capabilities

Wireless Photo Browsing

Browse photos on your camera’s storage card wirelessly from the Arsenal app. Arsenal displays thumbnail images of all the photos on your camera. You can scroll through the thumbnails, just as you would in your phone’s photo album.

Full-Resolution Image Review

Review RAW and JPEG photos in full resolution. This is a useful way to ensure your subject is in sharp focus.

Photo Sharing

Share photos from your camera using your phone’s cellular internet connection. Arsenal uses your phone’s built-in sharing capabilities, enabling you to send the photo to any installed social media application. You can also share the photo through email/text message or save the photo to your phone’s album. 

Note: Sharing photos from the Arsenal app requires a cellular internet connection. Carrier charges may apply.

Remote Image Deletion

Delete a photo on your camera from the image review screen.

Important: Deleting a photo in the Arsenal app will permanently remove the original file from your camera’s memory card. 

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