Arsenal’s video screen enables wireless control of some camera's video recording functions. Some Arsenal users will be able to start and stop recording, change manual exposure settings, and watch a live preview of video during recording. For a step-by-step guide of Video Mode, check out Getting Started with Video Mode.

Important: Due to hardware and USB interface limitations, Arsenal’s level of video support varies widely by camera model. Your camera might support some, all, or none of the features described in this section. 

How It Works

Arsenal’s video screen functions similarly to Manual Mode. From the Video screen, some users will be able to preview their shot, set focus, control exposure settings, and start/stop recording. 

Note: with many camera models, the camera’s mode dial will need to be manually set to Video in addition to opening the Arsenal app’s video screen.


Live View 

See a live preview of your shot wirelessly on your phone. On some cameras, you can continue to monitor the shot during recording.

Focus Control 

Remotely focus your camera’s autofocus lens. You can select a single focus point, multiple points to get in focus, or tell Arsenal to optimize focus for the entire scene.

Exposure Control

Set your preferred exposure compensation, shutter speed, aperture, and/or light sensitivity (ISO). 

Creative Mode Control

Change your camera’s creative mode (e.g. shutter priority, aperture priority) from the Arsenal Remote app. 

Remote Trigger 

Start and stop video recording wirelessly from your smartphone.

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