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Arsenal 2 Manual Screen Overview
Arsenal 2 Manual Screen Overview

Manual Screen Settings

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Arsenal 2's manual screen enables you to wirelessly control your camera from your iOS or Android smartphone. You can adjust exposure settings, trigger the shutter, and review photos -- all from up to 100 feet away. 

For a step-by-step guide on using Arsenal 2’s Manual Mode, check out Getting Started with Manual Mode.

How It Works

The manual screen acts like a wireless remote for your camera. Unlike Smart Mode, which uses machine learning to find optimal settings, the manual screen requires you to choose your desired settings for each shot, such as:

  • Exposure Compensation (EV)

  • Shutter Speed (S)

  • Aperture (F)

  • Light Sensitivity (ISO)

Just like manual shooting without Arsenal 2, the settings you adjust will depend on the creative mode selected (Manual, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, etc.). 

As in Smart Mode, you can enable Live View to see a real-time preview of your shot and set focus. When you adjust exposure settings, most cameras will show your manual exposure settings in real-time. 

Note: Unfortunately, some camera models automatically exposure compensate the live preview feed, rather than showing an accurate preview of the exposure. With these camera models, take a test shot and review the image to see your settings applied.

You can also use Arsenal 2’s advanced features, such as Exposure Bracketing, Focus Stacking, and Long Exposure Stacking, to extend your camera’s potential and achieve your creative goals. These options can be found under the Option button located to the left of the trigger button.

Features and Capabilities

Live View

See a live preview of your shot wirelessly on your phone. 

Focus Control

Remotely focus your camera’s autofocus lens. Use the live view screen to tap to focus.

Live Histogram

View a real-time histogram of your scene’s brightness, allowing you to identify over-or under-exposed scenes before taking the shot. Note: Available on iOS only at this time. 

Exposure Control

Set your preferred Exposure Compensation, Shutter Speed, Aperture, and/or Light Sensitivity (ISO). 

Creative Mode Control

Change your camera’s creative mode (e.g. Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority) from the Arsenal 2 Remote app. When a creative mode is selected, Arsenal 2 will enable control of the relevant settings (e.g. Exposure Compensation, Aperture, and/or ISO for Aperture Priority). 

Remote Trigger

Trigger your camera’s shutter wirelessly from your smartphone. You can access additional features under the settings menu. 

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