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Arsenal 2 Camera Cable Troubleshooting
Arsenal 2 Camera Cable Troubleshooting

Problems with cables and connecting Arsenal 2 to your camera

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Camera Cable Troubleshooting

My camera cable doesn't work with my camera.

  • Make sure you’re using the curly camera cable. Arsenal 2 comes with two cables. The short, curly one is designed for controlling your camera. The longer, non-curly USB cable is meant to charge Arsenal 2’s battery only.

  • For Arsenal 2, try reorienting the cable. It may sound silly, but with these small plugs, it’s easy to have the cable upside-down or not plugged in securely. While the ports may look symmetrical, only one orientation will fit. Try turning it and re-inserting into the port several times with the teeth on the connector facing down. If you’re sure the orientation is correct, plug it in more securely. For Arsenal 2 Pro, the curly camera cable can be oriented either way.

  • Check which camera you specified during your order. If you changed cameras or selected the wrong camera model, you may need a different USB cable.

I have multiple cameras / I replaced my camera.

  • Make sure your second camera is supported by Arsenal 2. See Supported Cameras

  • Check whether your camera cable works with your second camera. There are several USB port types used by cameras; your cable may fit both cameras. You can verify the cable type for your camera on Supported Cameras and Connectors

  • Order additional cables if needed. If your cable doesn’t fit your new camera’s USB port, you can order an additional camera cable by going here.

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