On some camera models, Arsenal can focus the camera, change settings, and control recording remotely. Video support depends entirely on each camera’s technical limitations. Your camera might support all these features, some, or none at all. 

To see if video is currently supported on your camera, switch to video mode in the app and tap the record button. If it is not supported, you'll see an error message. We will be adding video support to more camera models in future software updates.

Get ready to shoot with Arsenal

Before shooting, always make sure that:

  • Camera is powered on
  • Arsenal is powered on
  • Camera is connected via USB cable to Arsenal’s left port (unless you are connected wirelessly with one of the Sony models)

Switch to the Video screen

If your camera supports video with Arsenal, open the Arsenal app and swipe the mode slider at the very bottom of the screen to Video. 

Set your camera to Video mode

Switch your camera into video mode. Most cameras have a physical dial or button for this purpose. If you forget this step, Arsenal will show a notification when you try to record.

Prepare your shot

Enable Live View, compose your shot, and set your focus point(s). For details on these steps, see Getting Started: Smart Mode.

Adjust your exposure settings

When shooting video, you’ll need to choose settings manually. On some cameras, you’ll need to do this directly on the camera. 

With other models, Arsenal can control the settings. On these cameras, you can use the app to adjust your settings for exposure compensation, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO (as appropriate). For details, see Getting Started: Manual Mode.

Configure advanced settings

To access advanced settings, tap the gear icon in the upper left. Relevant tools for Video Mode include:

  • Grid overlays
  • Focus peaking
  • Zebra stripes

Note: these features are currently only available for iOS. 

Start and stop recording

To start recording video, tap the shutter button. You can stop recording by pressing the shutter button a second time.

On some camera models, Arsenal can show a live feed of your video while it’s being recorded. 

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