In short, we think Arsenal is a great assistant if you're focused on astrophotography.  
The demands of astrophotography were one of the primary inspirations for building Arsenal. The long exposure times, the importance of timelapse, and the value of previewing full-resolution images from the warmth of your car or home are all reflected in Arsenal's feature set.  

Arsenal's AI algorithms were trained to recognize night photography. When Arsenal detects that you're shooting a night scene with a tripod, Arsenal sets the shutter speed using our own algorithm based on the lens focal length and camera megapixels. This is similar to calculating the 500 rule.

In a future software release, Arsenal will also use our own Night Focus feature, which will make it possible to auto-focus even in dark situations where your camera's autofocus system would fail. Arsenal will do this by taking a series of 10-second test exposures with different focal positions for each shot. Arsenal will use the relative sharpness of these test shots to find the correct focus.

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