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Arsenal 1 How can Arsenal create a single file from multiple shots?
Arsenal 1 How can Arsenal create a single file from multiple shots?

Stacking process and how it works for Focus Stacking, Exposure Bracketing, and Long Exposure Stacking

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Creating a single image from multiple images is an intensive computer process known as masking. In this process, some areas are masked (covered) out so they do not show in the final image. The final image is made up of the unmasked areas in each image that are then combined together into one final image.

In Exposure Bracketing, the highlights from the underexposed image, are combined with the mid-tones of the normally exposed image, with the shadow detail of the overexposed image. The unused parts of each image are masked out so that only the areas with detail are used from each of the images that are merged together into one final image.

In Focus Stacking, each image is analyzed for what areas are sharp and in focus. The out-of-focus areas are masked out, and all of the sharp areas are then combined into one final sharp image.

In Long Exposure Stacking, each image is analyzed for what areas are changing or moving. The non-moving areas are left as the sharp unchanging part of the image. The changing/moving areas of the image are masked and blended to show movement, like flowing water.

View and Share your Stacked Image

When Arsenal has finished processing the stacked image, a thumbnail preview will appear in the lower right corner of the app. You can identify the completed stacked image by the Stacking icon that appears in the lower-left corner of the thumbnail. Tap the thumbnail to see a larger version. Click the share button to save or share your completed stacked image. To save your stacked images to your phone automatically, navigate to the Settings screen and turn on the “Save to Phone” feature and select “Stacks”.

Please note: The completed stacked image that Arsenal creates is a jpeg that is cached in temp storage and displayed in the Arsenal Gallery in the app. We recommend automatically saving the stack to your phone or sharing/saving the image from the Arsenal gallery once the stack has been completed. If you are interested in stacking them as a DNG (RAW) file from the images recorded to your memory card check out the video below.

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