Arsenal's speed depends on the shooting mode you're using. This is because some modes require Arsenal to perform calculations after you press the shutter, while others simply send a signal to trigger the shutter.

Delay in Handheld Mode

When shooting in Handheld Mode, Arsenal is continuously calculating ideal settings. This results in near-zero time delay when you press the shutter. Handheld shooting has other limitations -- learn more in the Handheld Shooting Overview.

Delay in Manual Mode

In Manual Mode, you are choosing camera settings in the Arsenal app. When you press the shutter, the Arsenal device only needs to receive the signal from your phone. This results in near-zero time delay, assuming your camera has already applied your desired settings (e.g. adjusted the lens focus).

Delay in Smart Mode

When shooting in Smart Mode, Arsenal needs to calculate the settings before taking the shot. This results in approximately a 1/10th to 1/5th of a second delay between when you trigger the shutter and when the photo is taken.

If you are using Arsenal's multipoint or whole scene focus capabilities (designed for the needs of landscape photographers), there will be a longer waiting period while the focal distances are measured and calculations are performed. This can take up to a minute depending on the number of focal points set, the lens, and the light/contrast available in your scene.

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