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Can I use Arsenal 2 with multiple cameras?
Can I use Arsenal 2 with multiple cameras?

Multiple camera and device support

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You can use Arsenal 2 with any supported camera... but only one at a time. 

Using Arsenal 2 with multiple cameras at different times

If you own multiple supported cameras, you can use them all with Arsenal 2, but only one at a time. Simply disconnect your Arsenal 2 device from one camera and connect it to another. 

There are currently four different USB standards used by modern cameras, so you may need to order extra USB cables to use Arsenal 2 with your other cameras. The cable we ship with Arsenal 2 matches the camera you specified during the ordering process, which may or may not fit your other cameras. 

Using your phone with multiple Arsenal 2 devices

The Arsenal 2 app supports switching between Arsenal 2 devices. Follow the instructions on the connection screen for assistance.

The app can only control one device at a time.

Using multiple cameras with Arsenal 2 simultaneously

If you want to use multiple cameras with Arsenal 2 simultaneously, you would need one Arsenal 2 device per camera, with each device linked to a different phone/app. 

Similarly, the Arsenal 2 app on your phone can only control a single Arsenal 2 device. 

Multiple camera support is something we'd like to support eventually, but it's not on our short-term roadmap.

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