Arsenal has two pieces of software: the app on your iOS or Android phone, and the software/firmware that runs on your Arsenal device. This article explains how to keep them both up-to-date!

Important Note: Whenever your Arsenal app is updated (this happens automatically on most phones), software/firmware updates may also need to be installed on your Arsenal device before using Arsenal.

Before going out to shoot with Arsenal, open the app and connect to your Arsenal device to check for software/firmware upgrades -- especially if you won't have internet access in the field.

Arsenal Remote app software updates

If your phone has automatic updates enabled, the Arsenal app will automatically update whenever a new version is available.

If you have automatic updates disabled, you can update the Arsenal app from your phone's app store.

Arsenal device firmware updates

Occasionally, an Arsenal app update will require the software/firmware on your Arsenal device to also be updated. The Arsenal app will notify you if this is required the first time it connects to your Arsenal device after an update. 

Update firmware using iOS

For iOS users, the easiest way to update Arsenal's firmware is using your phone. You will need ~500MB of available space to download the temporary install file. This video explains the process:

After the firmware update, Arsenal will set up a unique WiFi network for your device. On an iPhone, give permission to join the new network when prompted. 

Update firmware using Android

Most Android users will be able to update their firmware directly from their phones. You'll need 500MB of free storage space. This video explains the process:

Update Arsenal firmware from a Mac or Windows PC

You can also update Arsenal's firmware using a Mac or Windows PC. This is useful if your phone doesn't have enough space to download the install file or if you run into problems with the mobile update process. 

For step-by-step instructions and a video, see Desktop Firmware Update over WiFi

You can also update via USB from a Mac or from a Windows PC. However, we recommend trying the mobile app and WiFi approaches first, since the USB update process is a bit more complex.

Firmware update troubleshooting

If your Arsenal device does not work after applying a firmware update, refer to the articles on Recovery Mode and Thermal Management, which may solve your issue.

If you're still having difficulty, contact our support team. We'll help you get up and running!

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